From Mexico to Madrid: Discover 'La Taqueria de Birra' in the historic center

Madrid's Centro Histórico is one of the most vibrant and historic areas of the city. This district includes some of the most emblematic and visited places in Madrid.

From the best architecture to the best restaurants, these are the best places to visit in central Madrid.

4 places to visit

Plaza Mayor

A large rectangular square surrounded by historic buildings with arcades, it is an ideal place to stroll around and enjoy the Madrid atmosphere.

Events and markets are held here, and there are numerous restaurants and cafés where you can sample the local cuisine.

Puerta del Sol

Considered the heart of Madrid, this is one of the city's best-known meeting points.

Here you'll find the famous Reloj de la Casa de Correos, where the traditional welcome of the New Year in Spain is celebrated.

Retiro Park

This large park is an oasis of tranquillity in the centre of the city.

It is ideal for strolling, paddling in the pond or just relaxing.

Gran Vía

One of Madrid's main commercial arteries, full of shops, theatres and restaurants.

It is known as "Madrid's Broadway" for its numerous theatres offering musicals and plays.

Taqueria de Birra

But that's not all, in the historic centre of Madrid, you can find several Mexican restaurants that offer authentic Mexican food. Here is our recommendation:

From Mexico to Madrid

La Taqueria de Birra Don Pedro, which opened its doors in 1989, is the oldest active taquería in the city and, therefore, one of the most outstanding.

In Madrid and Spain, their extensive experience makes them true leaders in Mexican gastronomy.

They also have a private room called "La Cantina", which can be booked for private parties where you can enjoy their delicious cocktails.

Their menu offers not only tacos, but also other dishes such as enchiladas, chilaquiles and tamales, as well as more traditional desserts such as crepes with cajeta.

These recipes are an excellent representation of the best Aztec culinary tradition, adapted to Spanish tastes without losing its essence. They also include vegetarian products in their menu.

La Taqueria de Birra is located in two emblematic places in the centre of Madrid, Plaza de las Comendadoras 2 and Calle Don Pedro, 11. In these places you can make numerous plans and then enjoy some delicious tacos.

The tacos cost between 8,90€ and 9,90€ (3 units) and cost between 2,97€ and 3,3€ per piece, which makes them very affordable for the quality they offer.

And there is no better plan for Madrid than visiting its emblematic places and ending up tasting some good tacos in the heart of the historic centre of the capital.